NOTA BENE - is an innovative DMC with a young and dynamic team. Based in Rome, Nota Bene design and deliver creative and exciting incentive programs across Italy. From Milan to Puglia and everything in between, Nota Bene believe in going above and beyond to personalise unique incentives for their clients.


Over the past few years, we have been working very closely with NOTA BENE events for creating unique trips in Italy.  It is always a pleasure to be in contact with their team, as they understand the business very well, know the secret places of the Italian cities and creating a memorable experiences for all of our guests and us! 

Our cooperation is great and at a high level. We are looking forward to the upcoming years where we, together with NOTA BENE events are creating the best and most fabulous trips in Italy.

Sarah Theunissen, Managing Director B2B, Bohemian Birds


Italy is a small country with a big personality.


A treasure trove of history, architecture, passion and mouth-watering cuisine, Italy is doused in cultural experiences waiting to be uncovered.


From the well-loved cities of Milan, Venice and Rome to the less discovered regions of Sicily, Sardinia and Puglia, Italy is a bucket list destination bursting with historic sights, artistic masterpieces, rustic mountainous scenery and Mediterranean coastline.


Whether you want to blend into the slow-paced Italian lifestyle sipping on a strong coffee in a hidden café or get an iconic photo at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy’s intoxicating personality is sure to capture your attention from the get-go.  

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key destinations 

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destination highlights

Italy has fifty-one designated cultural and natural landmarks. The Colosseum, Vatican, Amalfi Coast and gardens of Tuscany are just a handful of the enchanting and unique sites that can be explored on a trip to this captivating country.
The food and wine of Italy is ingrained in the country’s culture, with recipes that are passed down from generation to generation. Team this impeccable cuisine with the finest Italian wine and you’re in for a culinary treat.
From intimate family-run guesthouses nestled in the countryside to luxurious beach resorts with Michelin star restaurants, Italy offers accommodation options to suit all tastes and budgets.
Whether you choose to explore the colourful coastlines of Amalfi and Cinque Terre or the dazzling lakes of Como and Garda, Italy is doused in awe-inspiring scenery, which will take you breath away time and time again.
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an endless array of activities

Explore the most memorable treasures of Rome by foot, bike or Vespa. Visit the timeless Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Vatican State before stopping to take in the Roman essentials: a slice of pizza and the best gelato and espresso in town!
Capri is a small island located on the south side of the Gulf of Naples. Once a humble fishermen’s village, Capri has transformed into one of the most glamorous places in the world.
Renowned for its wine, Chianti is a region near Florence sprinkled with vineyards, olive trees and medieval villages. Make a stop for lunch at one of the traditional family-owned restaurants and enjoy delicious food accompanied by wine grown on site.
Immerse yourself in the heart of Italian fashion and design with a fabulous tour of Milan. Visit the stylish streets lined with the world’s most glamorous shops and discover the secrets of the Milanese fashion world.
Venice is nothing short of a miracle: 118 tiny islands linked by land and sea to form an enchanting, jewel-like maze of light, water and stone. Enjoy an unforgettable ride on a gondola through the enchantingly romantic canals of Venice.
Explore the incredible and eerie landscape of Mount Etna. Located on the east coast of Sicily, Etna is Europe’s largest volcano and boasts solidified ‘rivers’ of lava, craters, lava caves, nature trails and stunning views across the countryside.
Puglia is strategically positioned in the heart of the Mediterranean. Centuries of history, charming landscapes and postcard-perfect beaches are just a few of the reasons why Puglia is becoming an ever increasingly popular destination to visit.
Enter a traditional Masseria (a fortified farmhouse), where the chef will open his kitchen, heart and recipes to his guests. Prepare and enjoy a four-course meal in true Italian style whilst the chef showers you with wonderful culinary stories and secrets.
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useful information

  • time difference

    GMT +1 hour (Oct - Mar)

    GMT +2 hours (Mar - Oct)

  • flight time

    Milan (LIN) = 2 hours 

    Naples (NAP) = 2 hours 30 mins

    Rome (FCO) = 2 hours 30 mins

    Venice (VCE) = 2 hours

  • passports & visas

    For British Citizens, passports must be valid for the duration of stay. Visas are not required. Click here for further information.

  • currency

    Euro (EUR)

    1 GBP = 1.16 EUR*

    *approx. R.O.E. at time of writing

  • health & medical

    No vaccinations are essential, however please click here for further information.

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